My name is Tore Söderberg. I´m from Sweden. I have all my life been thinking about inventions in any kind, but the older i get the more important the environment have become to me. I have now after long time figured out an device to create free electricity that can be used for households and in places there no electricity exist. It´s impossible for ordinary people like me to get money for inventions, no matter if it´s a very good idea. I´m looking now for people who cares as much as me about the world we are living in and what kind of world we want to hand over to our children. If someome out there have some money left over to share for a good thing, i would be more than happy. I really want to help to save the world and i hope you want that too. I also have a very good idea for cars to run almost for free. I have told about this idea to some car manufacturers but they want to steal my ideas.

Thank you very much. 

Kind regards 



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